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Legal Guidance For Post-Judgement Changes And Enforcement

Court orders – especially those involving children – are not set in stone. If your life circumstances change significantly, you have the option of seeking a post-judgment modification to your existing court order. First, you will need court approval – and for that, you need the assistance of a family law attorney.

When you need to have a court order modified, you can turn to Angiuli & Gentile, LLP. Our Staten Island lawyers can help you seek or contest a modification in New York state, depending on your situation. We will aggressively protect your rights and those of your child at every stage of your case.

How Can I Obtain A Modification Of A Court Order?

If you and your child’s other parent agree on the terms of child support, custody or visitation modification, then you can sign the petition together, and a family law judge will almost certainly grant it. However, if the other party named in the modification does not agree to it, you will have to demonstrate the necessity of it.

You must be able to show that there has been a change in circumstances, such as:

  • The loss of a job
  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Relocation, especially out of state
  • Change in schedules
  • Change in the child’s medical needs
  • Change in child care arrangements

Our child custody and child support lawyers will work diligently to ensure that your custody or support order is up to date and able to protect your child’s best interests in the future. We can also challenge a potential modification. If the other parent is seeking a modification that infringes on your rights as a parent and is not in the best interests of your child, we will stand by your side to ensure that your rights are protected.

Assertively Enforcing A Post-Judgment Modification

If a former partner is not adhering to a post-judgment modification of custody or other court order in Illinois, it is crucial to address the issue promptly and legally. Document every instance where the terms of the order are not being met, as detailed records will support your case.

Your next step should be to contact a family law attorney to help you through the process of filing a petition for enforcement with the court. This petition will alert the court to the noncompliance and can lead to a hearing to address the issue. In some cases, the court may offer alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, to resolve the issue without further legal action. If these measures do not work, the court has the power to enforce the order through various means, such as contempt proceedings, which can result in fines or even jail time for the noncompliant party.

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