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Construction accidents on the rise in NYC

New York is well known for some of the world’s most famous architectural modern marvels. From the Empire State building to the Statue of Liberty, construction has been a big part of this state’s history. In 2018, NYC experienced a construction boom, as new projects were on the rise in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, the NY Post reports that this has led to a spike in construction accidents.

How bad could this possibly be? Well, injuries are up by 17% and deaths have doubled. Accidents to date have included electrocution and being struck by falling objects. While construction work is just one of the most dangerous jobs in America, it is now most dangerous job in New York City.

Planning ahead when a parent’s mind is going

Alzheimer’s disease may spread it’s roots slowly, while other threats to the mind, like a tumor, can act fast. If you have a parent or a loved one who is at risk for a health concern that affects the brain, estate planning should be your number one priority.

Navigating an estate planning process can be very difficult when the testator is not of a sound mind. Here’s how to overcome this hurdle.

Tips for back surgery recovery

New York workers in all types of jobs may suffer from back issues. In some cases, the damage results from a fall injury and in other situations it may be an occupational injury. Angiuli & Gentile, LLP is an experienced litigation law firm that often assists clients with workers’ compensation claims.

If you or a loved one needs back surgery, the pain can be debilitating. Depending on the injury, the procedure can last five hours or more. Next Avenue offers tips to help you recover successfully from back surgery.

  • Respect the fatigue - After several hours of surgery, the body experiences shock equivalent to a car crash. Plus, the effects of anesthesia does not wear off in a few hours. Some people feel the side effects for weeks after surgery. Not only is there fatigue, but there is often cognitive dysfunction. Lay down when you tire, take a nap or just rest. Fighting through it may make your recovery longer and more difficult.
  • Stay ahead of the pain - Pain can prevent the healing process. It affects all aspects of life, sometimes without you realizing it. You become cranky and short-tempered, with no interest in food. Take medications before the pain becomes an ever-present part of your recovery. They allow your body to rest and heal.
  • Take advantage of adaptive equipment - After surgery, patients have many restrictions regarding lifting, bending and twisting. There are devices available that can help complete tasks on your own, providing independence as possible without risking damage. Typical items include elevated toilet seats, shower benches, walkers and canes.
  • Be patient with the recovery process - Back surgery is complex and so is recovery. It takes more time than you hope and comes with milestones that you believe should occur closer together.

Remember to prevent these sun-related injuries

In New York, the sun burns hot, reflecting off pavements and buildings with few trees to absorb it. Those who work in these conditions outside know they can’t rely on shady coverage to bring them comfort.

Without the proper precautions, outdoor construction or labor workers may quickly face these dangers injuries.

How to fight the flu and other illnesses at work

In New York, flu season begins around October and ends in May. Simply put, for half a year or more, New Yorkers are sniffling at home and at work. It does not help that the flu is highly contagious. According to Forbes, infected persons can spread the virus to other people a whole six feet away.

Thankfully, there are some steps employers and employees can take together to cut down on workers calling out sick, or worse, bringing the flu to work. One of the best ways to stop the flu from spreading is to wipe down common areas. Employers can make this easy by leaving disinfecting wipes at front desk, by the printers and even in the lunch room.

Enacting safety protocols can reduce “Fatal Four” injuries

New York construction projects improve infrastructure and benefit millions of people each year. Unfortunately, treacherous conditions make the sites dangerous for those that work there. The team at Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, has experience handling workplace injury claims for construction workers.

According to Arbill, the “Fatal Four” were responsible for more than half of the construction deaths in 2015. These are the most common causes of construction site tragedies. However, there are ways you and your employer can minimize risk.

  • Falls - This is the leading cause of serious injury and fatalities. Proper fall protection such as safety harnesses, personal protective equipment and safety training can significantly reduce your chances of bodily harm occurring on the job.
  • Caught in-between - This refers to accidents where a worker becomes crushed or squeezed between objects. It typically occurs as a result of collapsing materials or when loose clothing gets pulled into machinery. Wearing close-fitting clothing, shutting down equipment for repairs and having familiarity with the site’s crush points can reduce your likelihood of injuries.
  • Hit by an object - Falling, swinging, rolling and flying objects or debris can seriously injure you. Tactics such as wearing goggles or face shields, avoiding active work areas and securing materials can reduce injury severity or prevent harm altogether.
  • Electrocution - This is the third leading cause of construction site deaths in 2015. Taking precautions such as safety training and encouraging personal protective equipment can reduce injuries and prevent fatalities.

Drafting a will allows you to embrace choice

Many people do not realize that they have choices about what happens after they die. A last will and testament is a legally binding document that gives you the opportunity to express how you want your possessions to be distributed, who you want to care for your minor children and who will manage your final affairs for you.

Because life is uncertain, it can be advantageous to embrace this opportunity for choice while you can. Unfortunately, unexpected deaths happen every day, and when someone dies without a will, there is no longer a way for them to make their wishes known.

Construction outpaces all other industries in work fatalities

In 2017, Fortune reported that work-related fatalities in the construction industry had reached its highest levels since the recession. While the study did not single out New York, this may nonetheless cause some concern among New Yorkers who work in the construction industry. There is some good news, however, as Fortune stated that despite this hike in work-related deaths, American work-related fatalities had trended downward.

Four decades ago, the number of workers killed on the job each year was around 14,000. Fast-forward to the present and that number is around 5,000. Work has, in general, become a safer place for Americans. However, the construction industry defies this trend by consistently spiking upward. In spite of this, construction is still not the most dangerous profession. Truck drivers have the highest fatality rates, while the logging industry has the most injuries.

Be wary of office workplace dangers

In our agricultural and industrial past, workers often longed for an office job away from the harsh weather, loud noises and occupational dangers of work on the farm, factory floor or in the mine.

But office workers suffer from their fair share of debilitating injuries, and while a repetitive stress disorder might not have the cocktail party cache of, say, losing a limb in a logging accident, it can still be painful, life-changing and the cause of a worker’s compensation claim.

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