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Scaffolding accidents often lead to injuries

Construction workers often utilize many types of equipment to get the job done. In some cases, they may use scaffolding to work at height on the exterior of buildings or other structures. Unfortunately, scaffolding accidents are not uncommon, and when they occur, serious injuries typically follow.

It was recently reported that four construction workers in New York were injured in such an event. Apparently, the crew was performing construction-related activities at a tower when a scaffolding gave way. The incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. When the scaffolding collapsed, two of the workers fell from the 18th floor to the floor below. It was unclear what happened with the other two workers who were injured or how many other workers may have been on-site at the time.

4 Things to consider when choosing a guardian for your child

It can be difficult to drag yourself away from life’s busy moments to start estate planning. But planning for your family’s future is crucial, especially when you’re a parent of young children. While many people think that estate planning is reserved for older couples or individuals, drafting a will as soon as possible can help bring your family financial security and peace of mind.

Choosing a guardian for your child is one step that you should include in the estate planning process. These four factors can help you make this important decision.

Construction workers injured, killed after wall collapse

Many people do not know for certain how they would react if they are faced with a serious event. Unfortunately, in many cases, individuals involved in work-related accidents do not even have time to react or try to protect themselves because the incidents occur so suddenly. In particular, construction workers are at risk of serious injuries from such events.

It was recently reported that a construction accident in New York killed one worker and injured another. Apparently, the individuals were carrying out work-related duties at a landmarked building when a wall partially collapsed around 10 a.m. At least two workers were trapped under the debris, and one was knocked unconscious during the incident. Emergency crews came to the scene and were able to get the workers out of the rubble.

Severe injuries often present need for workers' compensation

Most people do not anticipate suffering serious injuries. Unfortunately, severe harm can come seemingly out of nowhere, especially when a sudden accident takes place. It is not unusual for injury-causing incidents to occur for individuals who work with dangerous equipment while on the job. When this happens, individuals often need financial assistance from workers' compensation.

New York readers may be interested in an out-of-state accident that caused severe injuries to one worker. Apparently, the man had been utilizing some kind of saw while carrying out his duties on a construction site. The saw kicked back, and as a result, the blade hit the man in the chest, neck and jaw, causing a severe laceration from his sternum to his jaw.

Does a will need to be updated?

It's a common misconception that after someone makes a will, they no longer need to put any further thought into it. The truth is, there are many reasons a will may need updating after its initial creation. If there is a tragic accident and your will comes into play, you want to make sure it reflects your most accurate wishes.

Temp workers face many safety issues

The job market in America is in recovery. Even so, there are many New Yorkers unable to find full-time employment or who are between jobs. When this happens, they may consider temporary work to make a living while they wait for something better to come along. A lot of these workers end up in blue-collar work environments with heavy machinery, great heights and overall high risk for injury.

According to MarketWatch, temp workers now end up at desk jobs less and less often. For instance, in Pennsylvania, just 21% of temp workers are employed in an office. In contrast, 45% of workers end up working jobs in manufacturing and transportation. They also receive lower pay than most other workers.

Estate planning tips for new parents

Having a child changes everything in your life and brings new responsibilities to care not only for their everyday needs but their long-term physical and financial well-being. Parents make plans for their child’s education and upbringing, but one of the most important steps is creating an estate plan to care for their children if they are not around.

Estate planning is not usually at the top of a parent’s list, especially in young families. Making a will or setting up a trust is often thought of as something you do later in life once your family is grown and you are preparing for retirement.

What is long-term care insurance?

For many New York residents, one of the most complicated aspects of planning for the future relates to health care. Part of your estate planning may include creating a health care advance directive and/or a living will to state your preferences for medical treatment. Another essential part of planning ahead includes figuring out how to cover health care expenses. One option is investing in long-term care insurance, which may help offset the cost of extended care.

While traditional health insurance generally covers medical treatments and medications, it may not pay for assistance with bathing, dressing and other daily activities. If you end up needing some of these personal services from a home health care worker or a caregiver in an assisted living or nursing home, you may have to pay for them yourself. Some experts recommend buying long-term care insurance to help protect retirement savings if you get an injury or illness that requires long-term care.

Does mental illness qualify for workers' compensation?

As an employee in New York, you may qualify for workers' compensation if you sustain an injury on the job. In general, workers' compensation benefits allow you to continue receiving income while you recover from an injury you got at work. Many claims involve physical injuries, but there are numerous mental health issues that could affect your ability to work. While mental illness may affect your life just as much as a physical injury, getting workers' compensation for it may be a complicated process.

While working often provides mental health benefits, some work environments may lead to mental illnesses. If you experience stress or anxiety about your job, it may lead to a mental illness such as depression or panic disorder. A hostile work environment may have adverse effects on your mental health as well. Mental health issues may be more common in certain professions. For example, first responders, law enforcement personnel and military veterans may experience higher rates of work-related mental health issues.

The benefits of having a health care proxy and how to choose one

Should you suffer a catastrophic accident or are nearing the end of your life, wouldn’t you want to be in a certain setting (at home or in a hospital,) be surrounded by those you love most (family and friends,) and have your other health-related wishes realized?

If you up in situation where you can’t speak or express those wishes, they’ll likely go unheard and you’ll have to hope that those around you make the decision you would make for yourself in such a circumstance. The Conversation Project found that over half of those 65 or older that end up in the hospital lose the aptitude to speak for themselves.

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