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What are the most common reasons for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Blog, Family Law |

Although married couples in New York get divorced for a wide range of reasons, some causes are more common.

People who are considering ending their marriages can benefit from learning about various reasons for divorce. Furthermore, it is important to review potential grounds for divorce available in New York State.

Most frequent causes of divorce

Poor communication and conflict resolution are common reasons for divorce. Some couples argue about household labor and childcare responsibilities, especially if there is a perceived lack of equality between spouses. In other cases, differing worldviews and religious values can contribute to discord in a marriage.

Marrying too young or entering marriage without adequate preparation can cause strain that leads to divorce. Likewise, financial conflicts are a frequently cited reason for divorce. Marriages that do not have support from the families and parents of one or both spouses can face troubles, as well.

Ground for divorce in New York State

A couple in New York can seek a no-fault divorce for any reason, provided they can truthfully report that their marriage has been irrevocably broken for at least six months before filing. However, people can file for other reasons, too. For example, New York considers adultery to be legal grounds for divorce. People in abusive relationships can file for divorce because of cruel and inhuman treatment. In addition, if one person leaves or kicks their spouse out of the family home for more than a year, the couple can divorce due to abandonment. It is also possible to obtain a divorce if one spouse is in prison for over three years.

Issues that increase conflict in a marriage, including a lack of shared values, financial problems and infidelity, can contribute to divorce.



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