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Assisting Staten Island Businesses With All Aspects Of Their Employment Contracts

Last updated on January 27, 2023

If you are a business owner, you most likely have a lot to manage. Staying on top of the various tasks and checklists can be a special kind of juggling act. Knowing what and when to delegate can be a key to your success. At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, we have been providing New York and Staten Island businesses with legal services and support since 1985. We stay on top of local, state and federal laws, we are adept at filings and paperwork, and we can assist with drafting and reviewing agreements. We will also protect and defend your business interests in court if necessary. One of the most common business contracts is the employment contract. Let us help with your business’s legal needs and employment agreements.

Why You Need Employment Contracts For Your Business

An employment contract, usually signed by a new hire when they start working, can set forth the employer’s expectations in writing and ensures that the employee knows what is expected of them. If the employee ultimately falls short of those expectations, an employment agreement can serve as grounds for discipline or termination. Our business law attorneys help businesses understand what can be included in an employment contract, draft these documents and review existing contracts to ensure enforceability.

When Employment Agreements Turn Into Disputes

Occasionally, employers and employees disagree. Resolving these disputes in a productive and healthy manner can be vital to the success of a business. Having solid and enforceable employment contracts can be one way to prevent disputes from escalating. By crafting terms that are legal and enforceable businesses can protect themselves against disagreements down the road. However, occasionally these disputes do escalate. When that happens, our legal team is equipped to help. We can help negotiate and settle employment disputes that arise from employment contracts. With decades of business litigation experience, we can also defend your company’s business interests in court if necessary.

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