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High-Asset Divorce

A couple with high income or significant assets has to face the same issues as any couple in a divorce: custody, maintenance, child support and the division of property. However, when high-value, complex assets are at stake, it can complicate the divorce process and raise unique issues in your divorce.

At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, we will work to make this complicated legal process as simple as possible for you. Our seasoned family law attorneys, led by partner Annamarie Gulino Gentile, will work to make sure you receive the personal attention and guidance you need throughout your case.

For more than 30 years, we have been representing clients with family law issues in the Staten Island area. Turn to us for the skilled advocacy and trusted support you need.

Common Issues In High-Wealth Divorces

Every divorce is different, and the issues that need to be resolved will depend on your situation. However, as part of high-asset divorce, we commonly resolve issues such as:

  • Business valuations — When one or both spouses have interest in a business, it is important to carefully assess the value of that business so that it is divided equitably in the divorce. This can become complicated if the business is privately owned, and may require the assistance of a business valuation expert.
  • Real estate — Whether the family home, a vacation home or an investment property, it is important to ensure the properties are appraised by a professional. This can help ensure that you receive an equitable division of your real property in divorce.
  • Retirement assets — You and your spouse’s retirement investments can be divided in a divorce. We can create the documentation necessary to divide the retirement accounts at a future date in order to protect the full value of your retirement plan.
  • Spousal maintenance — There are a number of factors that can impact the amount of maintenance in your divorce. This includes the income, age, health and education of each spouse. Additionally, if you signed a prenuptial agreement, that agreement may impact the amount you receive or pay. We can provide you with a straightforward assessment of the maintenance you can expect in your case, and we will work to ensure that the amount is in your best interests.
  • Child support/school tuition — While the amount of child support is determined based on New York Child Support guidelines, there are situations where the court may choose to deviate from that formula. This may include providing additional funding to cover private school tuition as well as other educational or medical costs.
  • Financial investments — Stocks, bonds, savings accounts and other investment vehicles may need to be valued and divided as part of your divorce. We are adept at analyzing financial documents, stock portfolios and investments in order to ensure that our client’s rights are protected throughout their divorce. This includes research into hidden assets and overseas accounts.

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