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Common issues that cause couples to divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce is not an easy solution for relationship issues. Divorce is expensive, complicated and life-changing, not only for the couple involved but for friends and family as well. For this reason, many people hold out as long as they can before resorting to divorce.

What drives the divorce decision?

Deciding to divorce can feel like a slow burn; the decision probably comes after the couple has tried everything else to make the marriage work. Eventually, the time comes when one person realizes that no matter how much effort they make, things will not change.

What are the common issues that cause divorce?

Experts cite these reasons for divorce most often:

  • Lack of intimacy: lack of physical affection is often a reflection of deeper problems
  • Addiction: up to one-third of divorcing couples cite addiction as a factor that contributed to their divorce
  • Domestic Abuse: whether physical or emotional, domestic abuse is a reason for up to 25% of divorces today
  • Infidelity: once trust is gone it can be impossible to regain
  • Financial issues: disagreements about money cause strain that can break a marriage

Facing these common issues can break even the most devoted partners.



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