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Guardianship comes with numerous caregiving responsibilities

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Elder Law |

Noticing an older loved one having trouble caring for him or herself can be difficult for New York residents and those elsewhere. Some adult children may notice that their parent is having trouble remembering certain things or has not been paying bills or handling other matters as necessary. In some cases, the issues could reach a point where an adult child needs to seek guardianship over a parent.

Becoming a guardian is not a simple task by any means. Often, individuals in this role need to handle care for an ailing loved one or one who is experiencing mental decline. This responsibility can take its toll on a family caregiver because it takes a great deal of time and effort to ensure a loved one is not suffering any ill effects due to not being able to care for him or herself.

In some cases, family caregivers may feel anxious about the situation and worry that they are not taking care of their loved one well enough. They may also feel guilty about not being a better caregiver or not doing more. It is also possible for feelings of resentment to surface if individuals begin to feel overwhelmed by their situation. Of course, it is important to remember that even guardians can seek help with caregiving.

However, individuals who are contemplating guardianship for a parent may want to ensure that they are ready to take on such an all-encompassing role. Appointing a guardian may be necessary in order to ensure the well-being of an elderly parent, but the court must approve a candidate before the person can take over as a guardian. As a result, interested New York residents may want to gain more information on what that process may entail.



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