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Construction accidents on the rise in NYC

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Uncategorized |

New York is well known for some of the world’s most famous architectural modern marvels. From the Empire State building to the Statue of Liberty, construction has been a big part of this state’s history. In 2018, NYC experienced a construction boom, as new projects were on the rise in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, the NY Post reports that this has led to a spike in construction accidents.

How bad could this possibly be? Well, injuries are up by 17% and deaths have doubled. Accidents to date have included electrocution and being struck by falling objects. While construction work is just one of the most dangerous jobs in America, it is now most dangerous job in New York City.

What is perhaps ironic is that the most common falling object to cause injuries is the main protective gear worn on the head, hard hats. The workers who wear them also account for a whopping 37.5% of accidents. From falling of scaffoldings to drilling screws into their hands, hardhats have a dangerous job position.

The silver lining is that these workers at least have access to workers’ compensation under state law. The state is also trying to put new measures in place to provide better protection to workers, while also ensuring that every injury, death and noted safety lapse is accounted for.

As the New York Workers’ Compensation Board continues to remind New Yorkers, the accident that never occurs is always the least expensive one. Hopefully, the measures taken by the state and the city will help to stem the spike associated with construction-related deaths, so that the Big Apple can benefit from the boom in construction without paying such a high price in human lives.



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