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Dealing with your latex allergy in the workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Workplace Illness |

While you enjoy going to work each day, you also appreciate knowing that while you are at work that you are in an environment that is safe, functional and productive. While every job has its unique risks, if your employer fails to manage these risks, you and your coworkers could end up hurt. At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP Attorneys at Law, we understand the concerns that workers in New York have when they go to work each day. 

While dangerous workplace risks are often associated with hazards such as being crushed or burned or falling from multiple stories, risks can manifest themselves in a variety of ways including how your body reacts to certain environments and factors that you are exposed to. Latex gloves, for example, while convenient for many jobs and industries can be harmful to you if you are allergic to the components used in their creation. If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, you should immediately notify your employer and request an alternative solution so you can avoid an unnecessary illness stemming from your reaction. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of an allergic reaction to latex can vary from mild to life-threatening. Itchy skin and a rash could indicate you are allergic, but if these symptoms become noticeably worse including hives and difficulty breathing, you should seek immediate help. 

When you are aware of the warning signs of a latex allergy, you can better protect yourself at work and be confident in your ability to avoid unnecessary illness. For more information, if you have been injured at work, visit our web page. 



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