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What types of lung diseases can be caused by working conditions?

Many people who get up and go to work each day do not think how their jobs can affect them health-wise. However, there are certain occupations in New York that can cause illnesses which may lead to workers' compensation claims. Workers should be aware of the risks and some of the symptoms so they can get immediate treatment.

Effects of alcohol abuse on the job

The use of alcohol can help liven up social situations and ease anxiety in some people. However, when it is abused it can have a number of negative effects on the drinker's personal and professional life. Drinking in excess or at the inappropriate time can greatly affect an employee's job, from productivity to the denial of workers' compensation benefits for injuries that may occur at work.

Unsafe crane conditions that could cause worker injury

Cranes are one of the most essential tools in New York construction sites. They are also some of the most dangerous machines to operate. Construction workers on site and passing pedestrians can be at serious risk of injury from fallen materials or the crane itself. Here are a few key aspects about the work environment to check.

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