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Three construction workers hospitalized after an incident

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In late June, three construction workers were hospitalized when a mini crane crashed down in an East Harlem construction site. Authorities said the crane struck two employees while a third employee fell approximately three floors.

The construction crew was installing a curtain wall in a building near East 126th Street and Lexington Avenue. The mini crane fell from the fourth floor when workers were installing the curtain wall, according to the local authorities. Shortly after, the workers were rushed to the hospital to seek treatment.

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Unfortunately, “struck by object” injuries are common for construction workers, and according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falling objects are one of four major causes of death on construction sites with electrocution, falls and caught-in accidents.

In New York, workers often operate on multiple levels of a building, which puts them at a higher risk for any falling debris, including a mini crane. The projects from elevated heights include renovations, repairs, new construction, demolition and excavation.

Small objects falling from a great height may cause serious injuries. For example, a construction worker in New York was killed after a small piece of concrete struck him in the head. Most injuries that occur from falling debris include head trauma, spine injuries, broken bones and more.

Construction companies are required to follow industry standards in regards to workers’ protections. In construction sites with multiple levels, workers should not be working underneath dangerous loads or objects. Also, safety equipment, such as hard hats and goggles, should be provided to all workers.

However, incidents happen. Any construction worker injured by an object at the workplace should seek medical attention immediately, then follow up with their employer about receiving workers’ compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.



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