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Workers’ rights group singles out Dirty Dozen employers

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The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health released it’s annual “Dirty Dozen” report of the country’s most dangerous employers last week, in honor of Workers’ Memorial Week. Too many people die and suffer serious injuries on the job each year. While many people think of workplace deaths as a minor problem, there has been a 12 percent increase since 2012. A single death is too many. In 2016, there were 5,190 across the country.

The Dirty Dozen

The so-called “Dirty Dozen” are twelve companies chosen by the National COSH based on complaints, severity of injuries, preventable risk, repeat offenses and other criteria. Recognizable names like Amazon, Tesla and Lowe’s are among the twelve. So are companies based in the Northeast, including New York and Atlantic Railway (NY), LynnWay Auto Auction (MA) and Verlana International (NY). The full list and report is available online.

Employer obligation

A fundamental part of labor law is that employers need to present a safe work environment. While some industries and settings are more dangerous than others, a company needs to do what it can to reduce risk. That may mean establishing training to minimize danger, using best practices to ensure safe procedures, supplying safety equipment and responding to complaints and concerns about unsafe conditions.

Employee rights

The companies in the Dirty Dozen are a few of the thousands of employers in New York and across the country. While an employer should do whatever they can to prevent injury, if an injury does occur, you have a right to a workers’ compensation claim to cover your injuries.

Workers’ compensation will cover medical costs of your injuries, provide payment for missed work during your recovery, and potentially pay for additional costs related to your suffering regardless of who or what caused the injury. The industries represented in the Dirty Dozen are diverse, from auto manufacturing and railways to home improvement, restaurants and construction. Accidents and injuries happen everywhere. Employees have the right to a workers’ compensation claim. The best way to maximize your claim is to consult with an experienced attorney who understands the process thoroughly.



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