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What can I do to expedite my claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Blog |

Doing your part throughout the process

A work injury can make everyday tasks seem overwhelming. Tasks that you used to accomplish with ease such as attending appointments can become more challenging than you anticipated.

But as you progress through your workers’ compensation claim you will be expected to do your part to assist with your claim. Completing the tasks that are expected of you in a timely fashion can help prevent setbacks throughout the claims process.

Here are some of your responsibilities as an injured worker during a workers’ compensation claim.

Communicating with other parties

After filing a claim you may receive phone calls or letters in the mail that require your response. If you have an attorney you can authorize them to communicate with other representatives on your behalf. Communicating with your attorney can help to expedite your claim.

Other parties may contact you including your employer’s insurance company, their attorney, a rehabilitative consultant or physician.

However it may be a good idea to consult with an experienced legal team before discussing your case with anyone.

Returning to work or looking for a new job

You are expected to return to your job if you are able. If you cannot return to your previous position your employer may offer you light duty work to accommodate your restrictions.

If your injury prevents you from returning to your job in any capacity, you are expected to be actively looking for a new job. If you are unable to find a job within your restrictions you may have to search outside of your previous field.

Failing to look for a new job may jeopardize your claim.

Attending appointments

Showing up to appointments and arriving on time is crucial. If you do not schedule or attend doctor’s appointments the insurance company may question the extent of your injuries. This could result in your claim being denied.

If an attorney represents you should attend any scheduled appointments with them. Lawyers can assist you in getting the benefits that you are entitled but can only do so if you actively participate in your case.

Attending appointments can also be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the status of your claim.

It is essential as an injured worker to do your part and adhere to your responsibilities. Failure to do so can result in medical bills going unpaid, a delay in benefits or a prolonged settlement process.

It is important to remember that workers’ compensation claims are often complex. An experienced attorney can help you to avoid the stress of trying to go through it alone.



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