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Do you really need an attorney for your workers’ compensation case?

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If you are injured while working, you probably know that you are able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help cover expenses while you are out of work. You might not know what you need to do to take advantage of the protections that are offered to you after a workplace injury.

In this post, we will discuss why it is so important for you to consult an experienced attorney working for you after you have been injured on the job. So many people try to handle their cases on their own, and make errors that leave it impossible for them to receive workers’ compensation benefits. We want to help you learn more about what an attorney can do for you to help improve your chances of a successful claim.

Your lawyer can help you understand the process

The workers’ compensation laws have been the subject of intense debate over the past few years in New York. The legislature has considered several revisions to these laws, and has recently passed some changes that have a significant impact upon injured workers.

Because these laws change so frequently, the process can quickly become confusing. If you have never been injured on-the-job before, you need to make sure that you understand what is required of you in order to maximize the benefits that you are eligible to receive.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can explain what might happen with your claim. You will be able to ask questions about the law, and gain an understanding that can help make things less stressful for you while you are out of work recovering from your injuries.

You want to make sure that you get all of the benefits that you are entitled to

In many workers’ comp matters, the insurance companies will not make it easy for you to collect the benefits that you deserve. They may refuse to cover certain medical expenses that are connected to your care, making it difficult for you to make ends meet.

Your lawyer can provide a clear picture of the benefits that you should receive to the insurance companies, and stand up for you if they are not treating your case fairly. This will help you focus on your health while your attorney resolves your workers’ comp claim.

You need someone to fight back if your claim is denied

In some situations, your request for benefits will be denied, and you will need to take additional measures in order to be covered by the workers’ compensation system. In the event that this happens to you, your lawyer can appear on your behalf on any hearings or other proceedings that are connected to your claim. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you might not understand what to do to ensure that your claim receives a proper and thorough review.



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