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Fall claims construction worker’s life

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Uncategorized |

There are many hazards present on construction sites, ranging from burns and chemical exposure to dangerous machinery. Having said that, falls are one of the most troubling aspects of working in the construction industry. In New York, these accidents have led to far too many fatalities. However, even when workers survive a fall, debilitating injuries could shatter their sense of security and create long-term challenges, which underlines how vital it is for injured workers to analyze their options after an accident.

A construction worker who was working on a condominium project slated to open in 2019 recently passed away after he fell. All of the details of the accident were not known immediately, but officials said that the man who lost his life was 22 years old.

The mishap was reported at roughly 9:40 a.m. and officials responded to the site of the 52-story building. The deceased worker, who lost his life because he fell into an elevator shaft on the job site, was declared dead at a medical facility.

Although falls and other construction accidents can claim lives and cause long-term hardships for victims and those they love, some people have been able to restore some of what they lost by applying for workers’ comp benefits. Although it may seem difficult to apply for these benefits, especially for those trying to recover from an injury, the help may be invaluable. For more, people suffering from a construction accident may want to think about consulting an attorney who has worked through many of these cases.

Source: NBC New York, “22-Year-Old Worker Dies After Falling Down Elevator Shaft at Manhattan Condo Project,” Aug. 18, 2017



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