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New York man loses limb at work

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

From falling down to repetitive motions, there are various activities that may place workers from all fields in harm’s way. However, in Staten Island, New York, and throughout the whole U.S., some people work in particularly risky fields. For example, those who work around dangerous equipment may find themselves injured in a jobsite accident or even lose their life. Depending on the extent of the injury a worker suffers, a lengthy road to recovery may lie ahead.

Those who came to rescue a worker who was injured on-the-job were searching for an arm he lost in the accident. After losing his limb, the man was sent to a medical center for treatment. In order to stop blood from flowing to the man’s arm, law enforcement officials put a tourniquet on the worker’s arm.

Apparently, the worker lost his arm when it became caught up in rope. Authorities say that the man’s arm was severed beneath his elbow in the accident, which occurred at roughly 9 p.m. close to New York’s Statue of Liberty. He was employed as a mariner and working on a tugboat.

After suffering an injury of any kind in the workplace, workers should evaluate all of their options. For some, filing a workers’ compensation claim may be a smart decision and could open up access to benefits that can help them in multiple ways, from monetary compensation and help with returning to work and medical bills. Also, some injured workers speak with a legal professional to develop a clearer idea of their rights and possible choices.

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