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New York workers hurt due to derailed train

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

For railroad workers, there are a variety of workplace hazards that may result in an accident, such as debris resulting in a train collision. In Staten Island, New York, and throughout the U.S., those who work for a railroad company should be aware of the job-related dangers they may face on a regular basis. For those who sustain an injury at work, carefully addressing the accident is essential.

A train that recently derailed in New York left four people hurt. Law enforcement officials say that the victims include the train’s engineer, conductor as well as two railway company workers. Following the accident, a diesel spill was contained and officials say that no other harmful materials were released. The four victims sustained minor injuries and one worker had to spend the night in the hospital.

Authorities say that the accident, which took place in Newburgh, was the result of the train colliding with a boom lift. The collision left 16 train cars and three locomotives derailed. The identities of the injured workers have not been released at this time.

On top of seeking medical treatment and physically recovering from an accident, victims of a work-related injury should try to minimize the financial consequences of the accident as well. For some, workers’ compensation benefits can provide them with the resources they need to move forward from a jobsite accident. For those who have questions about workers’ comp, such as eligibility and benefits that may be available, discussing their situation with an attorney may prove beneficial.

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