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How does returning to work affect workers’ compensation benefits?

You may not realize it, but your job probably provides you with rewards beyond your paycheck. For one thing, every work day you get to spend time with others who are performing similar tasks in the same environment. This means that you have likely forged bonds with coworkers because together you face the same challenges.

And your job gives you someplace to go where you are needed. Working provides a sense of purpose, allowing you to stay active and alert. These are simple benefits that become more obvious should you be unable to attend work.

So if you are ever injured on the job, you will likely want to return to work as soon as possible. But you may fear that resuming your duties may affect your workers’ compensation benefits. Well, first, understand that even after you get back to work, you will still be eligible for your medical treatment.

And let’s say you start back to work and your injury flares up, forcing you to once again take time off. If this happens, you can file for “Intermittent Lost Time,” which provides pay for the days you miss due to the injury.

It is typically best to get back on the job as soon as you can for both personal and financial reasons. But sometimes you need time for proper care and recovery. Fortunately, your workers’ compensation benefits extend in many ways that you may not expect. However, it is very important that you correctly follow all the rules for filing. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can work to help make sure that you are afforded all the benefits appropriate to your circumstances.


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