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The right gear can help prevent jackhammer injuries

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Construction work requires the use of machinery that is capable of performing very heavy tasks. Sometimes these tasks include tearing down what stands in order to build something new. And one of the most important tools used to help lay the foundation for new construction projects is the jackhammer. Jackhammers are strong enough to break through concrete, rocks and asphalt. So, needless to say, it is very important for operators to adhere to all requisite safety measures when using these powerful tools.

Of course, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that you must wear is googles. Typically, a great deal of debris is flung about when using a jackhammer. Goggles and long pants can help deflect this debris. In addition, you want to wear leather steel toed boots that protect your feet from flying debris. Such boots could also help protect your feet in the event the jackhammer slips.

Gloves offer protection in a couple of ways. First, gloves can shield your hands from debris. But also, after prolonged use, the vibration of the jackhammer can cause nerve and muscle damage. Gloves can serve to buffer your hands from the effects of the vibration.

And jackhammers are extremely loud. The noise generated by a jackhammer can cause serious damage to an operator’s hearing. As such, ear plugs should always be worn when the jackhammer is in use.

Obviously, it takes a strong person to operate a jackhammer. It also takes a person who is smart enough to understand the potential hazards of operating such a powerful tool. But accidents can happen to the best of workers. Anyone working with a jackhammer could be struck by a piece of debris or suffer muscle damage after using the tool for months or years.

If you have suffered an injury while working with a jackhammer, you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. And a New York employee rights attorney may be able to help you maximize the value of your settlement.



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