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Sensible policies can help keep delivery drivers safe

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

Typically, when workers adhere to routine safety rules, they have a good chance of avoiding injuries. However, commercial drivers are constantly on the move, meaning they may have to face a new set of unpredictable hazards every time they turn a corner. As such, they could encounter threats that are difficult to anticipate.

Because almost anything could happen out on the road, employers should have policies that are aimed at keeping their delivery drivers as safe as possible. The following policies can help drivers avoid harm while doing their jobs:

  • Seat belts must be worn when driving.
  • Schedules should allow drivers enough time to make deliveries without speeding.
  • Hours-of-service regulations should be observed to give drivers enough rest between shifts.
  • Drivers should not operate cell phones while behind the wheel.

Drivers should also receive training for any specialized equipment or vehicles they will be using on the job. And it is important for employers to inform drivers how to recognize and contend with the symptoms of fatigue.

If you are a commercial driver, you are likely aware that you are vulnerable in many ways. You could be in an accident while on the road or you could be injured when unloading or loading your cargo. Common injuries suffered by commercial drivers include back and neck injuries, injuries to limbs and repetitive stress injuries. And if you are hurt, you could be facing time off from work and medical expenses.

If you are a driver who was injured performing the tasks of your job, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. An employee rights attorney could represent your interests and work in an effort to get a settlement that covers the full extent of your needs.



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