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Cranes do heavy lifting and pose potential danger to workers

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Staten Island, and indeed the entirety of New York City, is in a constant state of change and growth. And the construction industry is a major contributor to that growth. Often the city’s development is characterized by tearing down the old and replacing with the new. And it takes many hard working individuals who operate very large and powerful machines to get this task accomplished.

A crane is an indispensable piece of construction machinery. It is not unusual to see cranes dotting the landscape of areas in which projects are being completed. But cranes can be as dangerous as they are useful. As such, it is critical that the strictest safety measures are imposed to protect those who work with or near cranes.

There are myriad potential hazards associated with cranes. For example, cranes are often used to elevate heavy building materials, which could slip and fall if not properly secured. Also, when lifting heavy loads, cranes are vulnerable to tipping over.

There are a number of things that can be done to help workers stay clear of danger when working at sites with cranes. First and foremost, workers should never work directly beneath suspended loads. Also, it is important for those in charge of the site to follow all OSHA regulations that pertain to crane safety.

A crane’s primary purpose is to raise very heavy loads of materials into the air. And if an accident should occur during this process, the results could be devastating. An injury caused by falling materials will likely be serious if not fatal. Workers who are injured in crane accidents should receive all of the benefits of workers’ compensation that they are owed. If you or a family member has been injured in a crane accident, a New York workers’ compensation attorney could possibly help you maximize your settlement.



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