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Chemical exposure can lead to occupational skin diseases

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2016 | Workplace Illness |

If someone asked you to name the largest human organ, what would be your answer? If you said the lungs, intestines or some other internal part, you would be wrong. Believe it or not, your skin is your largest organ. And while you may not think of your skin as performing organ-like tasks, it is responsible for such functions as temperature control, vitamin D synthesis and tactile sensation.

And in many ways, your skin is actually your most vulnerable organ as well. It is constantly exposed to the elements and can easily come in contact with hazardous, damaging chemicals. And many people work in an environment that poses the threat of contact with skin-damaging agents. These professions include construction, mechanics, healthcare and food services.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, over 13 million U.S. workers risk exposure to chemicals. Workers who absorb hazardous agents through their skin can suffer from what are called “occupational skin diseases,” as well as systemic toxicity. And some OSDs, such as skin cancer and skin infections, can be extremely serious.

If you have acquired an occupational skin disease that was caused by exposure to hazardous agents at work, you are likely eligible to file for workers’ compensation. The amount of money you could receive will be based on your costs for treatment. But you want to make sure that all of your potential expenses are accounted for within the body of your claim.

There several reasons a New York workers’ compensation attorney could help you receive a fair settlement. First, a knowledgeable attorney understands how to assess your present and future medical requirements, as well as which available benefits, will best serve your needs. Or, if you have had a claim rejected, the attorney could help you in an effort to have the decision reversed so you can get appropriate compensation.



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