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Fault does not usually affect workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 15, 2016 | Uncategorized |

In most personal injury cases, at least one party must be found negligent in the circumstances that caused the injury. A driver speeding through a red light would likely be at fault for any injuries suffered by victims in a resulting car accident. It is this fault that determines whether or not victims recover compensation. However, for personal injuries that are suffered on the job, such fault is not usually a factor.

Imagine you are atop a ten-foot-tall ladder trying to install a fan in your friend’s house, which has vaulted ceilings. As you are installing the fan, you lose your footing and fall to the floor, suffering a concussion and breaking your arm. In this circumstance, your chances of recovering any kind of compensation are not very high, because nobody was at fault for your injury. It was simply a tragic accident.

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of installing the fan as a favor to a friend, you are installing the fan as a construction worker on the job. In such a situation, you would likely be able to recover compensation for your injuries thanks to workers’ compensation benefits. The fall from the ladder is just the type of occupational hazard that workers’ compensation is designed to protect against.

The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to provide financial assistance to workers who are injured while performing the functions of their job, and there are few workers who face a higher risk of job-related injury than construction workers. New York construction workers who are injured while working should know that they do not necessarily have to prove fault to recover compensation. If you were injured on the job and your claim was denied, please visit our web page. We may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve.



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