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New York man facing workers’ compensation fraud charges

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

We often talk about how workers’ compensation benefits are paid for by employers specifically so that their employees will not have to worry about being left financially ruined if they are injured on the job. This usually means that workers’ compensation benefits are not particularly hard to qualify for. Unlike many other injury claims, you do not have to prove that someone was at fault or that any negligence or dangerous property conditions were at play. Instead, you usually need only prove that your injury is real and that it happened while you were on the job.

However, this does not mean that workers’ compensation benefits should be treated casually. These benefits involve insurance companies paying out money, and whenever payment is brought into an equation, you can be certain that a high level of scrutiny will follow. If it is determined that any part of your workers’ compensation claim was fabricated or fraudulent, you could face serious legal consequences.

Recently in New York, the president of a funeral home was arrested for seven counts of such fraudulent claims. According to police, an investigation discovered that the man received more than $15,000 on seven occasions back in 2011 over a seven-month period. Specific details, such as whether the man ever actually had any injury at all, are scarce, but what is clear is that this man could be in serious legal trouble.

For most New York employees, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance to which you are entitled, but many circumstances can affect your workers’ compensation claim. For example, proving the full extent of your injuries could raise the cap on your benefits, meaning more compensation to help you recover. However, omitting certain details or failing to prove others could mean that your claim is denied or that you are accused of trying to cheat the system. If you have been injured on the job, it is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney not only to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve but also to ensure that you successfully jump through any legal hurdles.

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