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Legal aid with occupational illness compensation claims

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Workplace Illness |

The industry in which you work can have a profound effect on your health and overall physical wellness. Obviously construction workers and individuals who work with large objects are at great risk of being injured if something falls or breaks, but even workers who sit at a computer desk all day could find themselves suffering from back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome due to sitting in a chair for years. Most of these injuries are easy to detect and identify. Illnesses are a different story.

While such occupations are far less common, there are some jobs that expose workers to hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. This constant exposure can slowly build up over years until the worker is unexpectedly facing a serious illness such as Mesothelioma or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These illnesses are in many ways even more severe and dangerous than physical injuries because they can be much more difficult to treat.

Of course treating an illness is not the biggest part of the problem in many instances. Often, it can be difficult to tell just how or when the diseases were contracted. Obviously when you simply wake up one day with lung cancer, it can be impossible to tell exactly what happened. Sometimes such diseases are genetic, so if you think that your illness was caused because of your occupation, you will need to prove it.

This is where legal assistance can become invaluable. Most workers’ compensation claims are fairly easy to prove and recover, but occupational illnesses can be more difficult if there is evidence that the illness may not have been caused by your work. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help you prove that your job was responsible for your illness. If you are suffering from an occupational illness in New York, visit our webpage to learn how we can help you with your workers’ compensation claim.



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