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Limb injuries can mean workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

There are many workers all across New York who rely on their hands and arms for the brunt of their work. Construction workers, painters, landscapers and many other types of manual laborers desperately need their limbs in order to perform their jobs and earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, for many of these workers, these limbs are also at the greatest risk of injury in the event of a workplace accident. From malfunctioning machines to negligent coworkers, there are many types of accidents that may occur.

Consider the work of a construction worker or carpenter who must use large saw machines in order to cut wood to a specific length. Often, they must steady a piece of wood with their hands to ensure that the cut is accurate. If the machine malfunctions and the saw blade suddenly comes loose, then that worker is at serious risk of suffering a minor cut at best or losing a finger or hand at worst.

Of course, manual laborers are not the only types of workers who may find themselves suffering from limb injuries. Often, repetitive use of similar muscles or body parts will lead to chronic injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from years spent typing for hours every day. All of these injuries, if they were suffered on the job, are likely compensable thanks to workers’ compensation benefits.

One of the best things about workers’ compensation benefits is that they are not usually difficult to take advantage of, but New York residents should be aware that our state enforces limits on the amount of benefits an injured worker can recover depending on the injury. This means that it is extremely important for workers who suffer limb injuries or other injuries on the job to prove the full extent of their injuries to ensure they receive the compensation they need. Visit our Web page to learn how we can help you make the most of a workers’ compensation claim.



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