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Electrician awarded nearly $650,000 after workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

It may seem like we spend a great deal of time and effort discussing the dangers of construction work, but that is because these dangers simply cannot be overstated. No matter how careful or experienced a worker may be, there are an almost innumerable amount of issues that could lead to an injury, issues that workers could not reasonably be expected to know about. For example, if you see a rail lining a stairway, you would expect to be able to lean against it without falling, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, this seems to be exactly what happened to an electrician recently in Ohio, who suffered permanent heel damage after an accident. According to reports, the electrician was doing fire reconstruction work in an apartment complex. He was working on the second floor and leaned against a railing while reaching for a wire. The railing collapsed, sending the man falling approximately 9 feet to the floor below.

The worker was lucky enough to land on his feet, but the injuries suffered on his heel will require surgery. The defendants claimed that the man did not exercise the appropriate level of caution, ignoring a co-worker’s attempts to assist with the work. This did not stop the courts from awarding a judgment of nearly $650,000 to the injured electrician.

Such construction accident could easily happen to New York residents as well, which is why it is imperative that injured workers meet with an attorney in the event of a workplace accident. Legal assistance can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, and that your compensation is not erroneously capped by state laws and regulations. If you or someone you know has been injured in a workplace accident, whether on a construction site or any job site, do not hesitate to meet with an attorney to discuss the aspects of your case.

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