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A history of construction workers’ compensation

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Workers’ compensation is important for employees of all kind, but when talking about workers’ compensation, construction workers are likely to pop up in the conversation if not dominate the conversation altogether. This is because construction workers face high risks and serious danger on a more constant basis than most workers, and construction worker injuries tend to be much more serious than injuries suffered by workers in other industries.

The dangerous history of construction workers has been well-documented throughout the years. For example, back in 2012 there more than 4,000 documented worker fatalities, nearly 20 percent of which occurred in the construction industry. To put that into perspective, almost one-fifth of all worker fatalities throughout the entire year came from one industry. Additionally, construction workers ranked seventh out of all industries in nonfatal health issues that required time off work for recovery.

The good news for construction workers is that workers’ compensation benefits have a history of working in favor of workers injured in the construction industry. The industry may rank very highly in risk and injury, but the assistance recovered from workers’ compensation benefits has been equally well documented throughout the years. The average recovery from fall injuries across all industries was just higher than $50,000. However, for construction workers such as roofers and carpenters, the costs were nearly twice that, between $97,000 and $106,000.

Just because workers’ compensation has a history of working well for construction workers, it does not mean that construction workers cannot benefit from legal assistance when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Injured construction workers may receive an offer from their employer’s insurance company, but this offer may be lower than the compensation that the victim deserves, especially considering the caps that New York places on benefits. Consulting with an attorney can help you ensure that you receive benefits that are appropriate for the level of injury that you have suffered.



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