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Workplace exposure can cause illnesses

There are not many people who worry that their jobs will cause them to contract cancer, but as strange as it might sound, this is actually a concern. Some people have relatively safe jobs, where their greatest health risks are twisting an ankle on slippery stairs. Others have more dangerous jobs, wherein they could be injured by a heavy tool or a malfunctioning machine and suffer a brain injury or lost limb. However, some workers slowly develop a health issue over years of performing their jobs.

A history of construction workers' compensation

Workers' compensation is important for employees of all kind, but when talking about workers' compensation, construction workers are likely to pop up in the conversation if not dominate the conversation altogether. This is because construction workers face high risks and serious danger on a more constant basis than most workers, and construction worker injuries tend to be much more serious than injuries suffered by workers in other industries.

Electrician awarded nearly $650,000 after workplace accident

It may seem like we spend a great deal of time and effort discussing the dangers of construction work, but that is because these dangers simply cannot be overstated. No matter how careful or experienced a worker may be, there are an almost innumerable amount of issues that could lead to an injury, issues that workers could not reasonably be expected to know about. For example, if you see a rail lining a stairway, you would expect to be able to lean against it without falling, wouldn't you?

Helping New Yorkers understand their workers' compensation rights

Workers' compensation is not a nice bonus that people are given to compensate them for an injury they receive on the job. It is a necessary insurance that allows people to perform the functions of their job safe in the knowledge that they will not be left destitute if an accident occurs. It is something that no worker should hesitate to take advantage of if they are injured on the job. Even if you think that your injury will not qualify, it behooves you to investigate.

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