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Working with toxic chemicals can cause illness

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | Workplace Illness |

We’ve previously mentioned that workers’ compensation benefits can extend to illnesses suffered as a result of work conditions, but just how these injuries may occur might still confuse some. One extremely common way for workers to suffer an illness, especially in a city like New York, is through working with chemicals. Chemical exposure can cause myriad illnesses, and if you can prove that years of chemical exposure has caused you to suffer an illness, you may be entitled to compensation.

Depending on your job and place of work, you could be consistently exposed to chemicals and toxic substances such as asbestos, lead, mercury or others that could lead to many different occupational illnesses. Such illnesses could include lung cancer, mesothelioma or others. If you work around any of these substances and you are suffering from such an illness, we can help you build a case.

The problem with these illnesses is that it may be difficult for you to prove that your illness was caused by your work conditions and not by other conditions such as smoking or genetics. Workers’ compensation can be incredibly important if you suffer an illness because you will need medical attention, and yet you may be unable to earn an income depending on the nature of your illness.

You may not realize it, especially if your employer’s insurance company makes you an offer, but you can greatly benefit from the help of an attorney. The insurance company may try to offer you less money than you truly deserve, but an attorney can help you prove the extent of your injuries and get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Visit our webpage to learn more about how chemicals can affect your health.



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