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Injury risks for construction workers

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2015 | Uncategorized |

We often talk about how construction workers face more occupational hazards than the average worker, but to those who are not familiar with the construction industry, such a claim can seem like an exaggeration. Those who are fortunate to work in the construction industry and not have seen any injuries may also be skeptical about the claim. However, this article explains many of the injuries that are common among construction workers and how those injuries may occur.

It is easy to see how risks of falling or equipment malfunctions can cause serious injuries. Anyone who has walked down the busy streets of New York has likely seen the extreme heights and large equipment that construction workers must navigate around. You may be less familiar with explosive injuries, which can occur when construction is being performed around dangerous chemicals or exposed wiring.

One of the main reasons that construction work can be so dangerous is because there are so many different kinds of projects, each requiring unique sets of skills and conditions. For example, you may be working high atop a skyscraper and worrying about making sure you don’t fall, and a few short days later, you could be working on the ground in a building that could collapse at any point without your knowledge. Nearly every construction project is full of hazardous conditions that must be handled expertly.

Because of these varying factors, it can be difficult for construction workers to avoid injury if they are distracted for even a second, and in many cases they may be injured through no fault of their own. That is why workers’ compensation benefits are so important for construction workers.



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