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Take full advantage of workers? compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Depending on the type of job you have, you could be at a daily risk of injury. Even if you work in a seemingly safe environment such as an office area, you could still suffer an unexpected injury. If you are injured on the job, chances are that you can take advantage of workers? compensation benefits. You may feel that the circumstances of your injury do not qualify you for coverage, but nearly all injuries suffered while on the job qualify victims.

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that the insurance company responsible for your employer’s workers? compensation might make you an offer. Sometimes the insurance companies do this in order to convince you to settle for an amount that is less than you deserve. They do this in the hopes that you will be happy to take what you can get, when in reality what you can get is much higher.

Equally important when considering the circumstances of your injury is the fact that you could be entitled to compensation from more than one source. If an outside agent, meaning someone who is not a co-worker or employer, was somehow responsible for your injury, you could file a claim for that injury as well. These are just a few of the concerns that must be addressed when dealing with a workers? compensation claim.

For a larger overview of what to expect from a workers? compensation claim, visit our webpage. If you live in New York, and you have suffered an injury on the job, it is highly recommended that you meet with an attorney to learn how to maximize your compensation and take full advantage of your benefits. We can help you build a strong case.



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