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Workplace injury statistics

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

As workplace accidents and injuries remain a serious concern for everyone—employers and employees both—it is important to take a look at the statistics behind such incidents. Analyzing the data can help determine how effective certain methods are at preventing injuries, or highlight areas that need improvement. An increase in accidents obviously indicates that more effort is needed to prevent such injuries, while identifying how common some injuries are can help focus on which areas need improvement.

OSHA is the federal agency responsible for the well-being of the millions of workers across the country, and it uses such statistics to maximize the efficiency of its growing budget. The year is not quite over yet, so 2014 statistics are not available, but looking at last year’s statistics can still give us a good idea of what the current landscape of workplace accidents looks like.

Last year, nearly 4,500 fatalities occurred on the job, which translates into more than a dozen fatalities daily. This may sound like a lot, and it is certainly higher than anyone would like, but it is worth noting that these are the lowest numbers recorded since the census began back in 1992. Of the nearly 4,000 workers killed in private industry last year, just over 20 percent were construction workers.

These statistics indicate that workplace accidents are still a very real and serious threat, but the threat is diminishing thanks to agencies like OSHA and concerted efforts by employers and employees alike to reduce accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents still occur, which is why workers’ compensation benefits are so important, especially to construction workers who make up such a large percentage of injured workers.

A state like New York, with so many construction workers, is at greater risk than most states when it comes to workplace injuries. Individuals who are injured on the job are encouraged to consult with an attorney to discuss the aspects of their case in order to maximize their compensation.



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