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Know your rights in a New York Workers’ Comp Case

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is one of the most important benefits afforded to employees. Even if an employee never has to take advantage of these benefits, the fact that the benefits are there produces a level of trust and creates a relationship between employee and employer that shows how invested both parties are with one another. Unfortunately, employers will still sometimes look to cut as many corners as they can to save money in a workers’ compensation claim, so it is important to know how New York treats workers’ compensation.

It is important to know that there is no time limit or trial period when it comes to workers’ comp; your coverage begins as soon as you start working at a job. In fact, you may qualify for workers’ comp benefits even if you were paid in cash or treated like an independent contractor. This is an important distinction to make, however, as actually being an independent contractor will likely prevent you from receiving benefits. Click here for more information.

Workers’ comp benefits entitle you to immediate medical care if you suffer a work-related injury or illness, and if you are unable to work for a week or longer, you could be entitled to cash benefits. Perhaps the best part about workers’ compensation is that it is a no-fault benefit. As your injury was work-related, you do not even have to determine fault in your claim. Whether the injury was your fault or your employer’s, you are likely still eligible for benefits.

Nearly all injuries that are work-related are covered by workers’ compensation benefits, but depending on the severity of your injury, you could be entitled to more or less compensation. This is why it is important to enlist the aid of an attorney who is familiar with workers’ comp claims and can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.



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