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Do you qualify for workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

The concern of whether or not your employer offers workers’ compensation is practically a thing of the past, as nearly every employer is required to offer the insurance. However, this leaves a different question that many may be asking if they sustain a workplace injury: whether or not their specific injury is covered. The answer in almost every case is yes. If you suffered an injury that was work-related in any way, be it on company property or in a company vehicle, you likely qualify for workers’ comp.

At its most basic level, workers’ compensation covers any injury or illness which you can reasonably claim you would not have suffered had it not been for your employer. This includes even social events sponsored by your company, such as parties or career fairs, where you might suffer an illness or injury. It may surprise you to learn that you could even be compensated for reckless behavior, like if an employee was goofing off and accidentally struck you.

This news likely comforts many employees who feared that they would not qualify for workers’ comp. Even if this information leaves you unsure of whether or not you qualify, you can still consult with a legal counselor to discuss the circumstances of your case. You never know, and your case might be eligible after all.

It’s important to remember that while workers’ comp does tend to cover employees, it does not usually apply to independent contractors. The laws also vary by state, so if you live in New York, it would behoove you to enlist the aid of an attorney who is familiar with New York workers’ comp laws. For more information on all that workers’ comp covers, click here.



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