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March 2014 Archives

Trial proceeds for injured New York construction worker

Construction workers are at particularly high risk of injury while on the job, and an accident can lead to serious and long-term health complications. Whether it is from working with heavy machinery, breathing toxic chemicals or a fall, injured construction workers often face costly medical expenses and ongoing treatments. Workers' compensation in New York is designed to alleviate the burden of these expenses. Injured workers who understand their rights have the best chance of obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Changes to OSHA rules could affect New York workers' compensation

There are many workplace hazards that can cause illnesses, and some of these may carry long-term effects. Illnesses may be known as soon as they occur, though some take a long time to develop. If you have experienced an illness or any side effects from activities on a work site in New York, you may be entitled to workers' compensation to cover time missed from work and medical expenses. However, changes to the way employers report their injury and illness rates may affect your safety and well-being.

New York workers at greater risk after daylight saving time

Workplace injuries can arise from a variety of factors, including an unsafe environment or faulty tools or equipment. The potential for serious injury is often higher for construction workers, and a machinery accident can result in costly medical bills and other expenses. Workers' compensation is designed to help you pay for these expenses and cover time you miss from work. Even in environments that seem safe, there is a possibility for an electrical accident or other harm that you need to report to your employer.

Brooklyn construction crew injured in unstable building

Construction work is an essential part of growth and maintenance for any city. However, workers involved with these jobs necessarily handle heavy equipment and power tools, which means there is the potential for serious injury. Workers in New York who have been injured on the job are entitled to workers' compensation, which can cover their expenses and lost wages. This help is available for any type of injury, whether it occurred from a forklift accident, defective power tool or any other construction site accident.

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