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Trial proceeds for injured New York construction worker

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Construction workers are at particularly high risk of injury while on the job, and an accident can lead to serious and long-term health complications. Whether it is from working with heavy machinery, breathing toxic chemicals or a fall, injured construction workers often face costly medical expenses and ongoing treatments. Workers’ compensation in New York is designed to alleviate the burden of these expenses. Injured workers who understand their rights have the best chance of obtaining the compensation they deserve.

A New York man continues to fight for compensation for injuries sustained on his worksite in 2010. While taking down scaffolding at a construction area in Brooklyn, the worker he fell 20 feet. He suffered injuries to multiple parts of his body and underwent surgery for his spine and shoulder areas. Since the surgeries, he has experienced complications.

The man seeks damages to pay for his injuries and the subsequent loss of income that resulted from his debilitating fall. In the bifurcated trial, a jury previously ruled in favor of the worker in the liability stage. In the current damages phase, the defendant claims the worker’s injuries are partly the result of pre-existing conditions, such as those from a motorcycle accident in 2003.

The state of New York has a system in place to protect workers from the high expenses and continued physical pain that can result from a serious work accident. However, it is important to note that employers and business owners are likely to fight the award process in order to spare themselves the expenses. Understanding the nature of workers’ compensation and the details of the law can help workers obtain a suitable resolution and get back on their feet.

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