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Construction accident in New York kills 2 workers and injures 1

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Every construction company should make sure that their buildings are safe, not just for future users but also for the construction workers who are toiling to get the job done. Any accidents during the construction of the establishment, such as electrical accidents, falls and machinery accidents, may be grounds for a lawsuit from the workers or their families if a company is not willing to provide compensation for injuries or lost wages.

This is exactly what a widow is fighting for because her husband was killed following a fatal construction accident in Maybrook. Her husband was a construction worker involved in a project to build an aqueduct mock-up for the Department of Environmental Protection in New York City. During the construction, a concrete wall suddenly collapsed on her husband. He and another injured worker were immediately taken to the hospital, while one man, who was pinned under the wall, died at the scene. Her husband passed away less than two weeks later.

The widow has now filed a notice against the Department of Environmental Protection and New York City for a claim of $40 million because of the death of her husband. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting investigations regarding the workplace’s compliance to the state’s safety standards.

Losing a loved one because of a fatal construction site accident is heartbreaking. Adding to the burden is the sudden loss of monetary support to the surviving family. If you are suffering from a similar situation, it is important to become familiar with your rights. This includes the right to benefit from the workers’ compensation that your late loved one was entitled to receive had he or she survived the accident. Even though no amount of money can replace the life of the one you lost, survivor’s benefits and other resources available can aid you in achieving a sense of justice and help you move forward with your life.

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