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A Special “Happy Independence Day” To Our Veterans

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Every year on the Fourth of July, many celebrate our country’s freedom through barbeques and fireworks. However, in the midst of these celebrations, it is important to remember that our country was built – and its freedom and security ensured – through the service and sacrifices of our military personnel.

During this Independence Day holiday, Angiuli & Gentile, LLP would like to recognize and honor all those who have and are serving our country. Independence Day is truly a day to celebrate the brave. So as you gaze at the fireworks and have outdoor fun with loved ones, please remember and pray for those that are protecting this nation and cannot be with loved ones.

Each year, eligible Veterans fail to utilize benefits they are entitled to because they do not know about them or take advantage of them. This could be because there is confusion over the benefits available, eligibility requirements, and the complexity of the application process itself.

If you or your spouse are a veteran, then you may be eligible for the Veterans Aid and Attendance special pension program. It is available to veterans, or their widowed spouses, if they meet the eligibility requirements. Aid and Attendance benefit provides up to $2,054 for the veteran and over $1,113 to the spouse to assist with medical expenses and the cost of long-term care.

Annamarie G. Gentile is an Accredited Attorney with the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, who understands both the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit and the Medicaid program and the interaction between both benefit programs.

The law firm of Angiuli & Gentile, LLP can work with you to evaluate whether you qualify for The Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit and help you file the paperwork. Veterans can take advantage of a special 15% discount. Call us at 347-201-4447 to make an appointment for a free consultation.



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