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Annamarie G. Gentile, Esq. on Senior Care and Lifestyles Show

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2012 | Elder Law, Publicity |

Supervising Partner of Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, Annamarie G. Gentile, Esq. was recently interviewed on Senior Care and Lifestyles Television program hosted by Patricia Amis. The interview will air on the dates and times mentioned below. Sharing her expert advice on Elder Law and Estate Planning, Annamarie Gentile thoroughly explains the importance of having a will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy and other matters that are important for the senior audience to be aware of.

Annamarie Gentile emphasized that Estate Planning is something that seniors should consider right away if they have not done so already. Included in estate planning is the rather meticulous process of establishing a will – or Last Will and Testament as it is legally known. Ms. Gentile mentions that having an attorney organize the will is important because the procedure is “ever-changing” and what may have been the right way to establish a will last month may not be the correct way today. Also, a will’s validity is subject to small, but important details such as the required number of witnesses.

To learn more about the many details of Estate Planning, please watch the excerpt of the interview by clicking here or tune in to the full, televised interview (details below).

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