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My workplace illness was overlooked. Can I be compensated?

You have probably heard that workers' compensation benefits exist to provide workers with compensation for any injuries they receive as a result of the functions of their job, but if you have ever learned years after starting your job that you are suffering from lung cancer, you may wonder just how effective workers' compensation benefits are. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits generally apply to any kinds of injuries or illnesses caused in whole or in part by a job, even if a significant amount of time has passed.

Helping New York workers recover compensation for illness

For most workers' compensation claims, the aid of an attorney is more of a safeguard than a necessity, because your employer's insurance will generally be willing to pay out if a claim is made. Some injuries may occur under questionable circumstances, and you may need legal aid to help you prove the validity of your claim, but in most instances, legal assistance will simply allow you to better understand your rights and the amount to which you are entitled. However, with workplace illnesses, legal aid is often a necessity.

Workers' comp illnesses can affect timeline

For every type of civil and criminal case brought before the courts, there is a time period known as a statute of limitations by which legal action must be taken. Failure to take legal action within the allotted time can make it much more difficult or even impossible to recover any damages or compensation, no matter how valid your claim may be.

Relief from black lung disease

The health and wellness of American workers is of the utmost importance, which is why there are many legal provisions in place to ensure that workers who are injured or fall ill on the job are taken care of. In most instances, this comes in the form of workers' compensation benefits offered by an employer, but there are other federal workers' compensation programs that exist as well. One such notable program is established under the Black Lung Benefits Act.

Helping New York residents prove occupational illnesses

For most people, workers' compensation is a benefit that they will hopefully never have to take advantage of, and which will only be needed in the event of a tragic and unexpected injury caused by accident, negligence or lack of safety features. This is why workers' compensation is so important for employees who work around large machinery, such as construction workers or factory workers. There are far more health concerns than bruises suffered from falling objects, and depending on your industry, you may be suffering from something that will plague you for the rest of your life.

Legal assistance with all kinds of occupational illnesses

Asbestos has gained a significant amount of infamy in the past few years because of the significant risks they pose to the health and wellness of those who work around them. It is a proven fact that continued exposure to asbestos can lead to lung cancer and other types of illnesses. Because of this, asbestos has become somewhat of a buzzword for workers' compensation cases seeking to make use of benefits.

Workplace illness claims can be hard to prove

If you are familiar with workers' compensation law, you likely know that workers' compensation benefits are relatively easy to recover compared to many other types of compensation. Generally speaking, these benefits are provided by insurers who are being paid by your employer, and these payments are specifically designed to ensure that injured workers get the care and assistance that they need in the event of an accident. Much like how health insurance makes it easier and cheaper for you to afford health care, workers' compensation is designed to make recovery from workplace injuries easier.

Legal aid with occupational illness compensation claims

The industry in which you work can have a profound effect on your health and overall physical wellness. Obviously construction workers and individuals who work with large objects are at great risk of being injured if something falls or breaks, but even workers who sit at a computer desk all day could find themselves suffering from back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome due to sitting in a chair for years. Most of these injuries are easy to detect and identify. Illnesses are a different story.

Workplace illnesses can be more dangerous than simple injuries

Workplace injuries are a tragedy that nobody should have to endure. You must work in order to provide for yourself, and your loved ones, but a workplace injury can make it impossible to continue your job, leaving you without an income. Additionally, depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may be worried about returning to work and continuing to perform the functions of your job for fear of suffering another injury.

Workers' compensation and long-term illnesses

If you know anything about workers' compensation, you probably know that it is an employer-provided insurance program designed to give benefits to individuals who are injured on the job. The goal is to ensure that workers who are injured on the job are granted financial assistance to prevent a serious injury from having too much of a negative effect on their lives.

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