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May 2016 Archives

New OSHA rule puts worker injury data online

Every day, hard-working New Yorkers carry out the important tasks that help keep the Big Apple moving and growing. And whether you work on a construction site, in a restaurant, behind the wheel of a delivery truck or in any other potentially hazardous environment, you know how important it is for your employer to follow all applicable safety regulations.

OSHA regulations help protect workers from wall collapses

The importance of following all applicable safety regulations on a construction site cannot be understated. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tasked with enforcing these rules. But sometimes employers fail to adhere to these standards and as a result construction workers suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Fault does not usually affect workers' compensation

In most personal injury cases, at least one party must be found negligent in the circumstances that caused the injury. A driver speeding through a red light would likely be at fault for any injuries suffered by victims in a resulting car accident. It is this fault that determines whether or not victims recover compensation. However, for personal injuries that are suffered on the job, such fault is not usually a factor.

My workplace illness was overlooked. Can I be compensated?

You have probably heard that workers' compensation benefits exist to provide workers with compensation for any injuries they receive as a result of the functions of their job, but if you have ever learned years after starting your job that you are suffering from lung cancer, you may wonder just how effective workers' compensation benefits are. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits generally apply to any kinds of injuries or illnesses caused in whole or in part by a job, even if a significant amount of time has passed.

The benefits of a workers' compensation attorney

The vast majority of employers in the country, including in New York, are legally required to provide workers' compensation benefits and coverage to their employees. This often means that workers who are injured on the job can recover compensation for their injuries simply by informing their employer and taking advantage of the benefits that they already have. In many cases, your employer's insurance company will cover your medical expenses without much difficulty.

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