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Legal aid with occupational illness compensation claims

The industry in which you work can have a profound effect on your health and overall physical wellness. Obviously construction workers and individuals who work with large objects are at great risk of being injured if something falls or breaks, but even workers who sit at a computer desk all day could find themselves suffering from back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome due to sitting in a chair for years. Most of these injuries are easy to detect and identify. Illnesses are a different story.

Which employees are covered by workers' compensation in New York?

Workers' compensation benefits are extremely important for many workers all across the country, including in New York. These benefits are wonderful protections afforded to workers so that employees are not concerned about losing their jobs if they are injured while working. Perhaps the best thing about workers' compensation benefits is that they are usually easy to recover since you are eligible as long as you were injured on the job. Best of all, nearly all employees in the state are covered.

Fighting on behalf of construction workers injured on the job

While nearly every type of employee benefits from workers' compensation coverage, there are certainly some industries or fields in which the benefits are more important or more commonly required than others. These fields of work tend to carry a great deal of inherent, daily occupational hazards. They generally involve work during which employees can suffer serious injuries if they are not always exercising the utmost care. One of the premiere examples of such an industry is construction.

New York man facing workers' compensation fraud charges

We often talk about how workers' compensation benefits are paid for by employers specifically so that their employees will not have to worry about being left financially ruined if they are injured on the job. This usually means that workers' compensation benefits are not particularly hard to qualify for. Unlike many other injury claims, you do not have to prove that someone was at fault or that any negligence or dangerous property conditions were at play. Instead, you usually need only prove that your injury is real and that it happened while you were on the job.

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