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Workplace illnesses can be more dangerous than simple injuries

Workplace injuries are a tragedy that nobody should have to endure. You must work in order to provide for yourself, and your loved ones, but a workplace injury can make it impossible to continue your job, leaving you without an income. Additionally, depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may be worried about returning to work and continuing to perform the functions of your job for fear of suffering another injury.

My workers' compensation claim was denied. What can I do?

There are many good things about workers' compensation: the benefits it provides to injured workers, the sense of security that workers feel knowing they will still have some form of income if they are injured on the job, and more. But perhaps the best thing about workers' compensation is how easy it usually is to recover. Workers' compensation is an expense paid by employers in order to ensure that workers are protected. As such, there are few instances in which workers' compensation claims are denied.

New York construction worker fatally injured on the job

If you need any more proof of how dangerous the job of a construction worker is, simply search for construction injuries at the end of the week. It is very likely that you will go weeks at a time before you come across a week in which a construction worker was not injured on the job. This is largely due to the generally hazardous conditions in which construction workers find themselves on a daily basis for the purposes of their job.

Limb injuries can mean workers' compensation

There are many workers all across New York who rely on their hands and arms for the brunt of their work. Construction workers, painters, landscapers and many other types of manual laborers desperately need their limbs in order to perform their jobs and earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, for many of these workers, these limbs are also at the greatest risk of injury in the event of a workplace accident. From malfunctioning machines to negligent coworkers, there are many types of accidents that may occur.

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