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September 2018 Archives

Facebook accused of not addressing mental trauma

Seeing something disturbing once in your life is inevitable, especially during a time when social media is so prevalent. It can also be tough to escape some unpleasant situations. Conflicts happen in our personal lives as well as at the workplace. Now, take a moment and imagine that dealing with disturbing content is your day job. What would you do?

What is the 2010 Construction Industry Fair Play Act?

When you get injured while at work, it is important for workers' compensation purposes that you are a qualifying employee of the company. In New York, the state has made it easier for contractors working on construction sites to be fully covered by the main employer's workers' compensation insurance through the 2010 Construction Industry Fair Play Act.

Get back to work faster with rehabilitation benefits

If you have been unable to work due to a work-related injury in New York, and you want to get back to earning a decent income, there are programs available to help. Unfortunately, some injuries result in a permanent disability that prevents the employee from going back to the position he or she had before. One of the benefits workers' compensation insurance provides is rehabilitation, and this is available for eligible employees.

Scaffolding collapse raises questions about construction safety

Concerns about construction safety have recently surfaced after a tragic accident near Orlando, Florida. Two construction workers were pouring concrete for a new hotel when part of their scaffold collapsed. The workers fell six floors and died on the scene. A third worker was able to grab onto a part of the scaffold and pull himself out of harm’s way.

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