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December 2015 Archives

Take construction site safety into your own hands

For construction workers, safety is a commodity. All too many construction jobs involve extremely dangerous circumstances, and sometimes even though workers try to be as safe as possible, it simply is not enough. One misstep or moment of distraction could send a construction worker plummeting multiple stories down an elevator shaft. It has happened before in New York City.

Legal assistance with all kinds of occupational illnesses

Asbestos has gained a significant amount of infamy in the past few years because of the significant risks they pose to the health and wellness of those who work around them. It is a proven fact that continued exposure to asbestos can lead to lung cancer and other types of illnesses. Because of this, asbestos has become somewhat of a buzzword for workers' compensation cases seeking to make use of benefits.

What is the going and coming rule?

If you are familiar with workers' compensation, you have likely been surprised at least once by how many types of injuries or circumstances are covered by workers' compensation. Being injured at a skating rink during a company party could qualify you for workers' compensation, for example. Generally speaking, any injury suffered during job-related activities or on behalf of your job is compensable. However, this is not the case for commuting.

New York construction boom leads to increased injuries

The city of New York has long been one of the most massive, impressive metropolises on the face of the planet, with well-known skyscrapers and buildings that attract tourists from all over the globe. The city is currently experiencing a surge in construction, transforming barren areas into large areas of commerce and residence. While this is good news for the construction industry, time is indicating that it may be bad news for construction workers.

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