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December 2014 Archives

Utilizing workers' comp benefits for workplace illness

Workers’ compensation can be a strange or mysterious concept. Even for those who have heard of workers’ compensation, it may be surprising to learn just how many things are covered by workers’ compensation benefits. More than just accidental injuries suffered on the job, employees can also be compensated for illnesses that have been caused by work-related factors such as exposure to dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances that can cause illness. Unfortunately, these factors are not at all foreign to many who work in and around New York City.

Do I have the right to a safe workplace?

Being injured or falling ill because of work can be a very frightening occurrence for some. The fear of having to pay for unexpected medical bills, combined with the inability to earn wages, can be very stressful and thus become a detriment to your recovery. Fortunately for those who are injured at work, there are programs in place to take care of them. Understanding your rights might alleviate some of your fears regarding workplace accidents.

New York construction worker killed in workplace accident

A New York construction worker was killed in a tragic accident at a car dealership recently when part of a concrete ceiling collapsed and buried him under debris. Partitions of the Staten Island building’s interior were being demolished, which likely contributed to the building’s weakened structural integrity. The victim was working with three others, all of whom were able to escape without suffering serious injuries. Perhaps most notable about this incident is the construction company behind the project: Formica Construction Inc.

New York's workers' compensation costs compared to other states

The costs that go into providing workers' compensation benefits may not seem important to many people. After all, employers are legally required to offer workers' comp benefits to their employees, with a few exceptions, and as long as the workers are able to take advantage of the benefits, you might decide that you don't care about the costs. However, when you consider that the state with the nation's highest workers' comp premium rates has a rate nearly twice as high as the median rate across the entire United States, the disparity becomes notable.

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