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September 2014 Archives

Illness and disease in workers' compensation

Workers’ compensation may seem like a bit of a mystery, but it’s actually quite simple in most instances. The law exists to provide care for those who are injured or suffer an illness as a direct result of performing the functions of their job. Injuries in particular can be simple to prove, but illnesses may give victims pause. After all, if you fall ill, it can be difficult to tell just how much your occupation contributed to the illness.

Construction worker injured in New York

Workers’ compensation exists to take care of workers who are injured or fall ill because of the circumstances of their job and to ensure that they are able to return to work as quickly and healthily as possible. As such, workers’ compensation tends to be most beneficial for people who work in environments where they are more likely to be injured or fall ill, such as construction zones. With heavy machinery and often precarious footing, especially in the high buildings of New York, construction workers run the risk of injury on a daily basis.

Getting the most from your workers' comp benefits

Workers’ compensation has become an extremely common employee benefit, and it has provided a safety cushion for many employees since nearly all work-related injuries qualify for the benefits. Workers’ comp exists to take care of employees who suffer health concerns due to work-related issues, including medical treatment and rehabilitation. However, since employers don’t want to throw money around carelessly, a workers’ compensation claim can still turn into an extensive legal process.

Do you qualify for workers' compensation?

The concern of whether or not your employer offers workers’ compensation is practically a thing of the past, as nearly every employer is required to offer the insurance. However, this leaves a different question that many may be asking if they sustain a workplace injury: whether or not their specific injury is covered. The answer in almost every case is yes. If you suffered an injury that was work-related in any way, be it on company property or in a company vehicle, you likely qualify for workers’ comp.

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