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February 2014 Archives

Gas leak in a New York mall under investigation

It’s easy to take your safety for granted while you’re at work. You show up each day with every intention of earning a living, but workplace injuries can cause short- and long-term complications to your health. This may lead to expensive medical treatments and even compromise your ability to work. Workers’ compensation is designed to aid you in the event of a workplace accident, and it is important to understand the various types of benefits available for an injury.

Proposed revision of New York Scaffold Law fuels debate

For the longest time, the Scaffold Law has provided protection for construction workers in New York who suffer injuries due to fall accidents while working. The liability for accidents covered under the Scaffold Law mainly rests on the property owners and contractors, as they are required to provide workers' compensation and insurance in these cases. But this practice might soon come to an end as a proposition to adjust the Scaffold Law is made, which puts construction-worker negligence into the equation. Hence, contractors would no longer have absolute liability in falls and injuries.

New York recycling company workers at risk for workplace illness

A lot of New Yorkers make their living working blue-collar jobs. These people are at high risk for occupational illness because they can be exposed to various dangers that may lead to long-term medical care.

Blue-collar workers faced with dangerous temporary work

Temporary labor, especially blue-collar labor, has become a very injury-prone sector of the job market. Due to harsh economic times, many employers have hired temporary workers rather than full-time employees. This is especially true in jobs that require manual labor. For example, workplace settings would include industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses and construction sites. These workplace injuries often stem from situations in which workers are given little to no training.

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