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Enjoy Your E-Books!

Thank you for your interest in our e-books. We made these to help guide you on your estate planning journey. You can click the links below to access your e-books.

E-book #1, Think About Your Legacy – Questions that Keep You Up at Night, begins with “questions that keep you up at night” and making the right decisions for the people we love.

Then, in e-book #2, Addressing Uncertainty About Our Family’s Future as We Age, we discuss “uncertainty about the future” as we age and what would happen if we needed long-term health care.

This leads to Elder Law Solutions – To Meet Future Goals, e-book #3, which covers “specific elder law solutions” to meet goals for offsetting potential medical costs later in life, qualifying for government benefits, and protecting assets in trusts for various reasons, including family members with special needs.

Finally in e-book #4, Finding the Right New York Elder Law Attorney, we focus on elder law and estate planning problems and solutions to help you meet your future goals.


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